Namaste Cooperative U.A.

The NepalHouse is a Business Entiety operated by Namaste Cooperative U.A. ,a company based in the Netherlands, established with the objective of gastronomy, housing, travel & trade business. It is designed in accordance to the seven principles of International Cooperative Alliance (ICA). It has two separate plans to execute to meet its objectives stated in the Business Models. It intends to capitalize on the success of trading & service industries by taking advantage of collective effort & finance in organizing exhibitions, events, marketing of typical products through mobile as well as diverse selling units in different parts of the country.

Establishing its own wholesale trading & online selling outlet “NepalHouse” of Nepalese products in the Netherlands are promoted . In other words, Namaste Cooperative and NepalHouse can be considered as synonyms while composing this business plan. Namaste Cooperative U.A. has a team of entrepreneurs who are constantly active in developing successful enterprizes in the Netherlands. The main focus business in the recent years are : - Hospitality service / Events - Real estate/housing : Collective Saving & Investment - Finance: Collective Saving & Loan - Startup Entrepreneurs Support - Tourism