Legal Aspects of Property Insurance Claims: A Guide for Property Owners in Dubai

Legal Aspects of Property Insurance Claims A Guide for Property Owners in Dubai

For a property owner in Dubai, navigating a property insurance claim can feel like a time-consuming task. Knowledge of law and procedure can make the process noticeably smoother and tends to produce a fairer outcome in the end. Let’s have a look at the key legal considerations that property owners in Dubai should take note of when dealing with insurance claims.

1.   Understand the Policy

Underlying the legal issues is a detailed knowledge of the policy. Owners should carefully read the policy documents in order to understand the covered risks, exclusions, warranties, conditions precedent and subsequent, and others. Consider engaging someone who has detailed knowledge of property policies (your insurance broker or an attorney) to help you understand the depth of the policy.

2.   Immediate Reporting

In the context of property insurance, in the event of loss or damage, time is of the essence. It is important to notify insurers promptly upon an occurrence of loss or damage; failure to provide prompt notice might prejudice the insurers in their ability to investigate a claim and can lead to denial of coverage. There are usually legally binding time limits within which property owners must report an event to their insurers, so prompt communication with your insurer is crucial.

3.   Document the Damages

Documentation in a claim is crucial. The more of it, the better. Property owners should maintain a comprehensive list of all damaged items (if the claim is for damages to contents) and the nature and extent of the damages to the property. They should take photographs of the items damaged and the damages to the property. This evidence is crucial in order to prove a loss.

Owners should also maintain receipts, invoices, or any other documentation substantiating a loss in value. Proper and comprehensive documentation of damages gets you halfway through getting your claim approved and paid. Adding your “words” and personal knowledge with the above-mentioned kind of documentation often reinforces a property owner’s claim and speeds its progress to resolution.

4.   Engaging of Loss Adjusters

A loss adjuster is there to assess the damage to the property and/or contents, to determine the cause of the loss, the validity of a claim, and the quantum of the claim. Property owners should cooperate with loss adjusters. This means providing them with requested documentation, working with them as they carry out their work, and generally providing them with whatever assistance they require. Property owners should understand the process and their rights under it.

5.   Legal Recourse

If an owner has a claim denied or the owner is not satisfied with an offered settlement, the owner has legal recourse, and consulting with a lawyer as soon as possible is a huge benefit to an owner in helping him/her plot and navigate that course.

6.   The Role of Brokers in Insurance

Important advice for a property owner is to remember that in these situations, an experienced insurance broker can make a substantial difference. Insurance brokers act as intermediaries between an owner and the insurance company. Brokers in insurance play a vital role and know how claims are to be handled, what an owner should expect from the claims process, and what the owner is entitled to under the policy.


It is best for property owners to know that claims on property insurance policies in Dubai are complex mazes that quickly enter and long to get out the other side; property owners can improve their lot by taking the initiative promptly. Understanding their policy, promptly reporting their damages, and fully documenting their losses are only the first steps to successfully submit a claim. Also, understanding who loss adjusters are and under what rights they inquire, as when a claim is denied, is also critical to the process.

For expert guidance on property insurance Dubai claims, partner with reputable brokers in insurance. Our team of experienced brokers is dedicated to advocating for your rights and ensuring a smooth and just claims process. Contact us today for personalized assistance and secure your property with confidence.