Challenges that International Students have to face

International Students

Everyone has unique and diverse goals. No matter where you are in life or what you are going through, you will always have a goal in mind or in sight. These ambitions can range from learning to ride a bicycle to completing your fundamental academics. No matter how huge or tiny the barriers are, you should constantly remember that they are there to be passed or jumped over, not to fall under and lose all hope.

When we talk about international students, they have already lost their home country as well as their live connection with friends and family in order to pursue what they call their goal. These obstacles can cause a lot of problems for students, so now we’ve compiled a list of recommendations to aid you on your path to success in dealing with these unpleasant challenges. 

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Here are some of the major problems that International Students have to face while studying abroad:

Different Language

When students move to another country for their higher study, one of the most difficult hurdles they have to face is the language barrier. Even if you have passed an english proficiency test, such as the PTE or IELTS, you may discover that everything in the foreign nation is absolutely new to you.  

Therefore, students do not understand the vocabulary words they use. Moreover, they struggle to understand the new accent.  As a result, they hesitate to speak to each other. Although it is one kind of problem for international students. But it is also the best opportunity for them to learn a new language and polish their communication skills. To learn a new language you can also join a coaching center. Even though it may appear to be a daunting task, the more you practice, the more at ease you will feel.  

Adoption Of The New Environment

Another challenge that many international students face while relocating abroad is settling into the new environment. When students travel hundreds of kilometers away from their family and friends, it is very difficult for them to manage their homesickness. Their memories will probably continue to make them unhappy. There is no disputing that adjusting to a new environment is a difficult and exhausting task for international students. 

Moving to a new area for the first time and starting classes at a new university is quite difficult for them. Moreover,  settling into a new routine in a new community is also difficult at first. However, with time you will settle into the environment easily. It is a common feeling, therefore there is no need to worry about it. 

Need Of Money

Managing one’s personal finances is undoubtedly going to be one of the most difficult aspects of studying abroad for international students. Students may struggle during their first few days of college. Because they are expected to handle all financial duties on their own. They must manage a high amount of expenses. One of the most difficult obstacles that international students who relocate abroad confront is managing their financial resources. As we all know studying abroad is quite an expensive process. International students have to pay high tuition fees and manage their living expenses on their own. In addition to paying for your education, you will need to cover other expenses such as food, clothing, a place to live, and transportation. 

However, international students while studying abroad is able to work part-time. They can work for a maximum of 20 hours per week due to the semester system. After the semester, you will have the opportunity to begin working full-time, which you should take advantage of. For international students, it is the best opportunity to earn money and manage their expenses.

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Studying abroad journey brings out new experiences and challenges for international students. Apart from this, they also have to face a number of difficulties while studying abroad. Some of the major difficulties mentioned above. Therefore, students have to be physically and mentally prepared to face all these difficulties.