Reasons of Life Threatening of Untreated Dental Infection

Reasons of Life Threatening of Untreated Dental Infection

Untreated dental abscess leads to life threatening and serious dental infections. If proper treatment is not sought after then it will complex leading to numerous other complications.

Always see the dentist when you have any signs of dental abscess like swollen lymph nodes, cheek or face swelling, fever and throbbing or severe toothache. Even if there is any salty fluid into your mouth and sudden foul-smell don’t miss to visit the dentist immediately as it can be the indication of broken abscess.

Although it is rare sometimes severe bacterial infection caused from dental infections responsible for numerous deaths and hospitalisations. Continue reading this post to know potential complexities of seeming simple oral infection and how you can prevent it in the long run.       

Dental infections and its associated complications

Some potential dental abscess complexities mention below for your reference:

Tooth loss

You might need to extract the tooth. It needs if there is re-infection of dental abscess or severe damage of tooth.


It refers to air-filled cavities infection in skull caused due to virus infection. There is an infection in the cheekbones resulted from complexity of dental abscess. Sinusitis symptoms comprise of greenish or yellowish discharge from nose, bad breath, sinus headache and blocked nose.  


Also called bone infection, this bacterial infection in abscess gradually spreads resulting in inflammation. It can affect any bone of the body if it starts spreading through blood. Some of its common symptoms are severe pain in afflicted bone, nausea and fever.

Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis

It is like a hole in brain and develops due to the clot in cavernous sinuses. If not treated in right time it is fatalic. Blood clot results from infection in skull or face which spreads to the respective sinuses.

Ludwig’s Angina

This is an atypical skin infection that appears on mouth floor. It is life-threatening and cause trouble in breathing and block airway in every possible way! Some of its usual symptoms are pain to move tongue, trouble in breathing and swallowing and swelling.

Dental infections treatments

The below treatments are to alleviate the impact of the dental infections. After suggestion, you dentist will probably perform the below-mentioned procedures:

  • After opening the abscess will drain using a small incision so that the pus drains out completely. Then they will clean the area by saline solution.
  • Dentist will carry out root canal therapy to save the teeth by alleviating the infection. In this situation, the dentist will use drill for the removal of pulp. By this way abscess will drain away too. Generally, dental crown will follow this procedure to ensure the lifespan of the saved tooth.
  • Tooth extraction is the very last option if the infected tooth is impossible to save anyway. In that scenario, dentist extracts the tooth to allow the pus to drain eliminating the infection.
  • When the infection limits to an extent of abscessed area, dentist never prescribes antibiotics. But if it starts spreading gradually to nearby teeth, other areas of mouth and jaw then medication needs to stop the spreading of the infection.

Treatment and effective prevention of dental infections in Emergency Dentist in London

Prevention is possible for dental problems including dental abscess if you maintain your oral health and visit the dentist regularly. Mouth infection is always regarded as emergency as it needs urgent dental care prior it becomes life threatening. Visit at  to book your appointment online to prevent the chance of serious and acute oral health problems.

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